ZERO IN - a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants

We all like to feel good, but what we crave is to feel fantastic.

Zero In Root capsules

Zero In Root capsules will help you overcome brain fog and significantly improve your mental focus. Zero In is a natural alternative to synthetic stimulants. 

It is made from turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seeds and vitamin-D.

Advantages Zero Inare:

1) Cognitive function. It helps support increased attention span, focus and concentration levels in a completely natural way.

2) Mental sharpness. It supports healthy brain function and focus while improving oxygen supply to cells and increasing dopamine levels for up to 14 hours.

We all like to feel good, but what we crave is to feel fantastic. That we are focused and relaxed and that we enjoy what we do. This process is created using neurotransmitters that should be produced in our body.

When the brain produces some dopamine, then we feel good. This can improve concentration.

The two strongest neurotransmitters are dopamine and serotonin, and since many people are stressed and intoxicated, they simply cannot be produced.

What happens if we don't have dopamine and serotonin? First, there is stress. We know that cortisol (the stress hormone) prevents the brain and gut from producing dopamine and serotonin. One of the reasons why many people like dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate releases some dopamine.

Toxins and heavy metals destroy the intestinal microflora. This process prevents your intestines from producing dopamine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters. So, when we are intoxicated, our body is not able to produce "things" that make us feel good and function well.

ROOT produced Zero in to effectively and naturally “feed” our gut with the nutrients, amino acids and catalysts needed to enable the gut to produce neurotransmitters.


Health and happiness start here

Zero in

ROOT products help the body to detoxify and cleanse, focus and relax - simply and naturally.

Zero in capsules they contain natural ingredients (turmeric, Shatavari plant, pine bark and vitamin D) which, in this specific combination, raise the level of dopamine and serotonin in the short term (15-20 min).

These two hormones are responsible for brain functions, concentration and good memory, feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

They increase motivation and focus and have a positive effect on all cognitive functions.

You must have heard how connected the brain and gut are, how the gut is actually our second brain. So our intestines can produce neurotransmitters that are then "sent" to the brain. Zero in capsules help the intestines to produce more dopamine and serotonin.

Focus and mental clarity improve, you can relax more easily. It helps with weight loss, and in combination with Clean slate- and sports activities become easier and more fun. There is a lot of literature that talks about how increasing dopamine levels can enable better sports results. In elite athletes, dopamine is used much more efficiently than in non-elite athletes. It's neurology.

So in sports, when we remove toxins and then increase the body's ability to produce neurotransmitters, we achieve better performance.

Zero in it gives us a feeling of relaxation and focus at the same time. If we take it late at night, and we don't plan to do anything active, it may happen that we don't fall asleep right away, because our brain wants to do something and we want to be active.

Our pineal gland (epiphysis), where melatonin is produced, is most often calcified from chemicals (fluorine). Flour is found in our water, in toothpastes. Clean slate is very successful in moving calcification so that our pineal gland begins to function better and we automatically sleep better. Because instead of taking melatonin supplements, our body can produce the melatonin that is needed for better sleep.

Due to the lack of dopamine, psychological problems, lethargy and anxiety are also possible. As a result of stress, our body produces cortisol and adrenaline, which prevent the synthesis of dopamine and thus cause problems.

Zero in  capsules are intended for everyone who is exposed to stress and all-day work that includes intellectual efforts. To everyone who is in an energy deficit and chronically tired, regardless of age.

It contributes to a sense of balance and stability.

Improves sleep and satisfaction.

Drink one to two capsules per day as needed, maximum up to 4 capsules per day.