How to cleanse the body of heavy metals

If we flush out the toxins, the body will take care of the rest.

We try so hard to look good on the outside, to make our hair and skin look good, to be in good physical shape. And inside we are like a septic tank, full of garbage, toxins and chemicals.

These toxins are stored in our body and thus cause more than 95 % of all HEALTH problems we have today.

This is scientifically proven. Nine out of ten problems, conditions, diseases are caused by toxins in our body. So, the problem is mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc.. There is a long list of chemicals that we are exposed to.

Every year, 10,000 new chemicals are "launched" on the market. They are put in food, cosmetics, sometimes without harmfulness testing. There were chemicals that were banned 40 years ago and were found in the blood of today's children. What is in our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers is also in us (so-called biomagnification), because it is transmitted through the placenta. We live in a time where our children are so poisoned that they cannot function.

We have simply accepted that behavioral disorders (eg ADHD) have become normal and we accept this as the standard. But this is simply not normal and should not be accepted, it is an anomaly due to excessive intoxication. Because if our body is clean and functioning well, we don't have these problems.

Health and happiness start here

Nature in, synthetics out

ROOT products help the body to detoxify and cleanse, focus and relax - simply and naturally.

Removing harmful toxins from our contaminated internal environment is the foundation of good health.

Do you suffer from chronic health problems and still haven't found the answers you're looking for? Are you tired? Do you have migraines? Joint pain? Inflammation and indigestion? Frequent bacterial infections? Nervousness and anxiety? Insomnia? Bad memory? Skin rashes? Mood disorders?

Unfortunately, these types of symptoms are becoming more common. The toxicity of heavy metals - such as mercury, aluminum, copper, cadmium, nickel, arsenic and lead - is one of the biggest threats to our health and well-being.

People are not what they are sick with, they actually do not have a disease and do not have a disorder, they are simply intoxicated and should focus on cleaning garbage and toxins from the body, slowly, passively and systematically. Every day, step by step.

A lot of toxins and viruses in our liver cause skin problems. We have seen many experiences of people who had skin problems, and now they no longer have them. What is happening?

We clean the organs, and the skin is our biggest organ for detoxification (through sweat). It is important to support the body's natural detoxification. A clean system is a healthy system and an automatic and functional system, which means that the immune system is working properly and the genes are working as they should.

There is one word in the wellness industry that causes fear in many people, and that word is cancer. When people hear the word cancer, they get very scared. Cancer is a natural biological process in which cells are damaged and unable to repair themselves, they communicate with other, healthy cells, telling them to be like them. This is how metastasis occurs.

Did you know that there are three main genes in our immune system that are actually genes that suppress cancer cells. Every day, with every breath, new cells are created and old cells die.

In a healthy body, when cells become abnormal/old/damaged, our tumor suppressor genes (p21, p27, p53) are activated, because they recognize a cell that is no longer healthy, i.e. that is abnormal and must kill itself. This is called programmed cell death.

Our body is programmed to do this. So a cell that is no longer healthy must kill itself. If there are no chemicals and toxins in our body that cause damage and disorders of immunity and DNA damage and thus change our epigenetics, we will be healthy.


Clayton Thomas


ROOT founder Clayton Thomas has over 25 years of experience in the health industry. For the past 16 years, he has focused on detox formulas. His experience included environmental and human health solutions. An entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, he developed business models for analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying the risks of three major diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, with additional risk factors. Clayton has worked as a business development expert in all aspects of wellness: sales, distribution, formulation, consulting, manufacturing, and is now the architect of a completely new way of doing business with the ROOT platform. His philosophy is simple: Heal the cause!

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